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Colorado Premises Liability 2017 Update

The Two (2) Year Statute of Limitations and Six (6) Year Statute of Repose No Longer Limit a Contractor’s Third-Party Claims

Substantial Completion for A Subcontractor is When It Finishes Its Work on the Improvement - Click here for the PDF Version

Colorado Premises Liability Litigation: A Defense Perspective

Tad S. Rogers v. Forest City Stapleton, Inc. and FC Stapleton II, LLC - Appellate Court Expands the Implied Warranty of Habitability for Developers

Fisher vs State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Implications Posed by Insurance Appraisals

Criminal Restitution's Impact on Civil Litigation and Insurance Coverage

Getting Legally High on Marijuana in Colorado May Not Actually be Legal

Winning at Deposition – Review of Legal Resources by Thomas H. Falivene

Claims Management March 2014, Issue 3, Volume 3 Around the Nation, COLORADO, Cost-Sharing Allocation for Construction Defect


Doing More With Less

New Colorado Case law Expands Admissible Evidence affecting Billed vs. Paid Issue

Claims Management October 2013, Issue 10, Volume 2 Around the Nation, COLORADO, Flooding Takes Over

Colorado Construction Defect Litigation

Colorado's Homeowner Protection Act and Its Prospective Impact on Construction Defect Litigation

Risk Spreading Management - New strategies for handling CGL claims are gaining traction in the industry.

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