Product Liability Defense

The trial lawyers at Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C., have extensive experience defending manufacturers, distributors and retailers against product liability claims for catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths resulting from the use of a product or a food item.

We focus our attention on defense in these cases, standing up for the rights of clients who are accused of distributing, manufacturing or selling dangerous and defective products. Our attorneys are skilled at handling these cases and can advise you of the best avenue of resolution in order to protect your business and interests.

Past product liability defense clients have included:

  • Food service companies, national fast food chains and food producers charged with contamination of meat, vegetables or processed foods, including e. coli contamination, salmonella contamination, listeria contamination and foreign objects
  • Manufacturers of trucks and truck parts in trucking accident cases and crashworthiness cases
  • Manufacturers, distributors and retailers of electric blankets, furnaces, toasters and other household products accused of causing home fires
  • Manufacturers of chairs, security devices and sprinklers
  • Manufacturers of heavy equipment such as bailers and articulated haulers
  • Manufacturers of oil and gas rig equipment
  • Implement dealers

Our personal injury defense team has handled complex product liability defense actions involving multiple parties and class action claims alleging defective design, negligent design, defective manufacture and failure to warn. We have handled cases involving jurisdictional issues relating to products produced in China and distributed in the U.S. and have been able to achieve dismissal in some cases under Colorado statutes.

Our goals in every product liability case are to minimize financial risk to your company and damage to your corporate reputation, and to avoid a class action lawsuit.

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