Medical Malpractice Defense

In today's society, any type of mishap in a medical setting can be the catalyst for a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you are in need of comprehensive and aggressive medical malpractice representation, look to the experienced and dedicated legal team at the law firm of Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C. We understand the impact that medical malpractice lawsuits may have on your hospital or career and treat these cases with the seriousness and attention they deserve. We also help our hospital clients with questions about, and disputes involving, health care benefits, health insurers and health care providers.

Our personal injury defense team has represented hospitals, doctors, nurses, psychologists, surgeons and other medical personnel in professional liability cases and board proceedings, and we have extensive experience working with governmental entities. Whether you are facing charges in front of a disciplinary board or in court, our attorneys can help ensure that your voice is heard and your version of the events is accurately conveyed.

Contact a malpractice defense lawyer at the law firm of Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C., today. We strive to ensure that your rights are effectively preserved and that all of the facts of the situation are presented correctly. In order to determine the best possible defense strategy, our team carefully examines each and every aspect of your case. In addition to providing medical malpractice defense, our attorneys offer legal representation to a broad range of professionals. Get in touch with an attorney at our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your case.

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