Outdoor Recreation Liability Defense

Colorado is internationally known as a state where the mountains dominate the horizon and adventure sports are the local pastime. Tourism is an integral part of the state's economy, and tourists come for the adventure. Unfortunately, the element of excitement that makes many of Colorado's outdoor activities so lucrative from a business perspective stems from the oftentimes dangerous nature of the activity. Colorado's outdoor recreational businesses often find themselves the targets of litigation when an accident occurs.

The legislature recognizes the intrinsic value of outdoor recreation to the state's economy and has insulated some outdoor recreation businesses from liability to a degree through Colorado's Ski Safety Act, the Baseball Act, and the Equine and Llama Act. Other businesses may be protected by Colorado's Premises Liability Act.

At the law offices of Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C., our personal injury defense team recognizes that there are a broad range of defenses available to outdoor recreation business defendants in civil litigation. We understand that frequent and detailed communications with the defendant and the defendant's insurance carrier are necessary to ensure the most comprehensive defense available.

The attorneys at Harris, Karstaedt, Jamison & Powers, P.C., have significant experience in both state and federal courts defending outdoor recreation cases stemming from such activities as whitewater rafting, downhill skiing and snowboarding, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents, as well as defending equipment outfitters and manufacturers.

Attorneys: Jamison, Sares

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